Zalgo Text Generator

How does Zalgo’s text work?

Many of you have seen creepy Zalgo text in different forums or in different messages like the below-

H̴̨̲̮̳̱̼͕o̷̻͎͔̺͍w̴̡̥͚̲͙̬̟ ̴̨̺̖͍͖̠̞d̶̖̳̰̳̦̮ǫ̶̡̱̻̹͔͙̞̭̺͕e̷̡̧͍̫̖͔͈͖̬s̷̩̼ ̶̢͍̺͙̫͕͉͓̝̩̥̭̪̳Ẕ̴͎̭͎̯͜a̷͖̞͓͓̺l̶̡͇g̸̢̙̖̘̯̞̫͉̖̫̺o̵̭͓̰̱ ̷̨͙t̴̠ȩ̸̧͈̪̺͈̥̭͈̝̙̞x̵̢̻͎̝̣̮̯ͅt̷̢̧̧̬̜̖͈̪͉̤͓̫̫͕̗ ̶̨̝̜̬̜̙̼̥w̵̡͈̝͈͍̭̙o̶̯͉̩͈̼̰̳͉̰̦̹̦r̷̡̻͎̟͔̳̠k̵̲̫͓̟͙̬̱̠̤̜s̶̨̨͍̱̗̘̣̼̤̰̮̺̖?̴͇̣̙

Basically combining characters or combining marks are needed to create this type of text. Each glyph fits in a box with a specific height of a box. Whereas Unicode character does not support this when rendering.

For example here is an example of combining marks i.e.  ̆ . If we combine it with the letter A so it will be like this

A + ̆  = Ă 

Actually, it is A + ̆ = Ă

So we can easily make a zalgo text using a base character, “combining above”, “combining middle” and “combining below” mark.

Zalgo Text Generator

The zalgo text generator is an online tool that allows you to convert normal text into a strange, black-and-white pattern that looks like it was written in the style of a horror movie. If your own writing isn’t scary enough on its own, just paste one of these bizarre words into your text and watch the reactions!

Zalgo is a text generator that lets you create random, disturbing, and often nonsensical text.

History of Zalgo

Zalgo was first mentioned in a forum post on 4chan in late October of 2017. The anonymous user created a simple text generator that could create a variety of horrifying and mysterious text. \nThe user’s forum post quickly went viral, spreading Zalgo’s influence across the internet. Since its creation, Zalgo has spawned numerous derivatives and copycats, all designed to terrorize users with bizarre and nonsensical phrases.\nEven today, Zalgo remains one of the most popular generators on the internet.

How to Use the Zalgo Text Generator

Zalgo is a text generator that allows users to input any text they want and receive a randomized, unique output. This tool can be used for any purpose, including creating funny or interesting quotes. Here are some tips on how to use Zalgo:

  1. Choose what you want your text to say. There are many options available, so you can get whatever you want.
  2. Enter in the text you want to generate. You can type in anything you want!
  3. Click the button to start the process. Zalgo will work its magic and create a unique, random text output for you!

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We can use any length of combining characters to get the desired height.

How to generate Zalgo text?

In our Zalgo text generator, by default, we have checked three options i.e up, middle bottom. If you want to generate Zalgo text only bottom, so unchecked up and middle options.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

1. How to produce Zalgo Text?

The Zalgo text is produced using different diacritical marks to create a demonic creepy effect.

These marks are stacked over one another and the symbols are then edited to the letters of the text.

Their common use is to describe the tone of the letters but has other uses as well.

2. Why is Zalgo text called Cursed Text?

The Zalgo text is called cursed or demonic text because the diacritic marks make the normal text completely creepy and messed up.

Unicode language adds diacritics to overlap them with a normal text and make it weirder.

3. Does Zalgo mean demonic or horror?

The Zalgo text is often associated with demonic or aura appeal such as a Satan with glowing red eyes.

It is the true representation of hatred and evil behaviour which makes the text look weirder and scary to the users.

4. What is the meaning of Zalgo?

Zalgo is a form of text that has been altered or corrupted using modifiers, exclusive characters and accents via different digital tools and coding scripts.

People often use this text script to grab the attention of others and gain popularity among friends.

5. How is Zalgo named and why is it so distorted?

The call of Zalgo. Z͠a̛’l͘ga̶t҉ot̡h or Z̤͂â̢ḷ͊g̹̓ȯ̘, is an online occurrence wonder and a meme-status city fable often seen as the image of disorder and sinful, in the same way to the later versions of the late mythical horror writer H.P. Lovecraft.


The Zalgo Text Generator is a tool that allows for the creation of random text with a number of different options. The generator can be used for a variety of purposes, such as generating new passwords or creating unique titles for articles. Overall, the tool is easy to use and provides a number of different options to customize the output.